NGO Challenge to fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected different segments of people. The poor, daily wage labors and the underprivileged are finding it difficult to find single meal a day. We should really appreciate the efforts and the support being extended by the Government and Non-Government entities. Despite the several measures and support schemes, there are a lot of people who are losing their lives due to hunger, lack of basic sanitation and safety measures. There is a lot of potential for all of us to come forward and to support the needy.

About NGO Challenge:
NGO challenge is a healthy competition between different NGO’s, which is conducted not to win but to support the ones in need. Any NGO, verified by Goodclap or TSIG can participate in the challenge and raise funds for any cause, which could potentially help the people suffering from COVID-19 crisis. The cause can be related to food/meals, face masks, care kits, sanitizers etc. The winning NGO shall receive a matching contribution from Goodclap as an appreciation and Goodness gesture.

Rules and Guidelines –

Use Goodclap to raise funds for COVID 19:
Wanting to raise funds and support the people suffering from COVID-19? Its simple! Register on and setup a campaign. Once the campaign is approved by the Goodclap’s team, you can start sharing the campaign to your network and see funds reflecting on the campaign. At the end of the challenge (one month from the date of start), Goodclap will release the funds to the NGO’s bank account directly.

Minimum 15 NGOs should participate to run this challenge:
The challenge will be conducted only if there are 15 registrations. There is no limitation to the no of registrations. Any number of NGO’s which are verified by can simply register, participate and raise funds.
In any case, if there are no sufficient NGOs participating, the challenge will be dropped.

Winning Eligibility – Min Rs.2,00,000.
An NGO will be eligible to win the challenge only if it achieves a minimum of Rs.2,00,000 funding on their respective campaign. If no NGO achieves a minimum of Rs.2,00,000, the challenge shall be closed with out any winner.

TOP Up reward to the Winning NGO:
To encourage and appreciate the efforts, Goodclap shall reward the winning NGO by topping up their respective campaign with a sum of Rs.25,000 from the Goodness fund.

Zero fees, 100% Payout:
To fight the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many efforts being put by the government, NGOs, other organizations, and individuals. To support their efforts and to ease the collection of funds, as a goodness gesture, Goodclap has waived of its fee and is offering its platform for free for all the campaigns related to COVID-19.

To Participate fill in the below form and we will get in touch with you:

**Challenge Duration: 21st April 2020 to 3rd May 2020. **