Goodclap Invites your Organization to fight COVID-19

With 2 Million+ tested positive and with over 1,27,000 deaths (as on 15th April 2020), Coronavirus / COVID-19 (now, a WHO declared Pandemic) has hit each of us in different forms impacting travel, business, happiness and more than anything else - our lives.

In an attempt to fight corona, Govt of India wide circular 05/01/2019-CSR through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs clarified that spending of CSR funds for COVID-19 is eligible CSR activity under item no.s (i) and (xii) of Schedule VII relating to promotion of health care, including preventive health care and sanitation, and, disaster management.

We, from Goodclap ( a social enterprise - a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for health and other social causes) invite you to collaborate with us to serve the cause.

**For all COVID-19 related fundraisers, Goodclap offers its fundraising platform for free. **

3 Virtual ways through which Goodclap can collaborate with your organisation to fight COVID-19

All ideas are towards raising funds to fight COVID-19 and to save millions of lives.

  • Virtual Employee Volunteering through our platform: Employees of your company can use to raise funds from their networks (100% virtual). Your organisation can match the funds (choice of the company) raised by your employees and utilise the funds towards COVID-19 related expenses.

  • Virtual Fundraiser Challenge: Through online conferencing tools, Goodclap runs a flagship initiative called as 'Corporate Fundraiser Challenge' where all employees and the management of a company connect virtually at a time and raise funds across a challenge. By design this initiative is gamified, where employees experience fun for a cause. Your organisation may wish to specially appreciate employees who take an extra step to do good.

  • Virtual Employer Participation: Your company can become donors to other fundraising campaigns by Goodclap users where your company matches a certain percentage of funds raised by public in general and do good together, thereby partnering with public in doing good.

How will the funds be put to use?

Goodclap will identify beneficiary: Goodclap has partnered with NGOs as implementation partner to utilise the funds raised on the platform. All the funds raised will be transferred to duly verified NGOs. We have NGOs working towards face masks, food and other essential distributions. We also can transfer funds to the CM / PM relief funds.

Your organisation can choose beneficiary: In case your company has a benefitting NGO or a foundation through which you would want to do good, all proceeds of thefundraiser will be transferred to such NGO or foundation.
Whichever way the need of the hour is needless to explain. To imagine the quick recovery, to imagine safe lives again, to imagine smiles and relief in everyone again, is extremely inspiring and a cause worth fighting for.

In the past, Goodclap worked with organisations like ISB, Rexnord, L&T (group companies) and few more.

Let us all once again come together do good together. By saving everyone, we save ourselves.

Please e-mail to or call +91-9963117370 to discuss further.