5 simple health tips to keep yourself safe during COVID-19 lockdown

1. Breathe, rest, and sleep
Take time to rest and for regular conscious breathing. Many of us may be aware of what is called pranayama. For those of us who are not, pranayama is a simple conscious breathing exercise which energizes your lungs and your mind. Daily pranayama positively affects our autonomic nervous system which controls and governs essential functions of the body, like our heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. If you'd like some guidance, you can read online or watch a YouTube tutorial. It is that easy. Or simply watch this video-> https://youtu.be/udLuhi5cktY

Follow a sleep schedule. Try to wake up and go to sleep around the same time. This has proven effects on your mood and your appetite.

2. Keep moving

No, don't rest all the time. Work your muscles out. Get in shape, maybe. Many of you complain about not getting time to work out. Well, now there is an abundance of it. So, plan a set time for exercise or other fun activities which which get your heart pumping. Crank up the volume on your speakers and your earphones. There are endless free fitness apps on your phones, your tablets, or just simply tune into YouTube or Instagram, where many fitness centers and trainers are streaming live workouts. Join them, or encourage your own family. This can be whole lotta fun, if not love.
Also, you will need to replenish your electrolytes. Drink plenty of water. Remember to stay hydrated. Watch this video to learn a few ways to burn some extra calories-> https://youtu.be/YjmQVMLhNT4

3. Plan, cook and eat

Wash your groceries thoroughly before using them, eating them , and doing anything with them .Cannot stress how important this is. You were inside your houses, but your groceries had to travel to reach you. Keep up your fruit and vegetable intake, and especially your Vitamin C intake. Use healthy snacks like boiled eggs, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and not the processed or canned ones.
Plan meals so that you get all your nutrients, follow interesting recipes, and make cooking and eating a fun activity for the whole family. Again, don't forget to wash your hands and utensils before eating. Bon appetit!

4. Clean your house and maintain skin hygiene

The SARS-CoV-2 virus can stay on plastic and metal surfaces for 72 hours, on cardboard for 24 hours, and for 4 hours on copper. It is impossible to always remember and obey, right. And you probably don't need to. Just remember to clean high touch objects like door knobs, regular household items, your phones (yes, you read it right), your laptops, hand towels etc.
Maintain good skin hygiene by bathing in hot water, and you may use any disinfectant or antiseptic liquid as well. Soap also works perfectly well. A good bath cures all problems.

5. Maintain physical distancing, not from society or from your interests

Relieve some stress. Video call your friends. Play online games together, interact on social media, post your pictures, go through your old diaries, your photo albums, talk to your parents, and learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. When did you last speak to that childhood friend of yours. If you know how to play an instrument, follow lead from the Italians and race to your balcony--> https://youtu.be/EBByYjjvNzs !

Create art. Listen to live music coming up on Instagram and Facebook nowadays, use them to create new networks and to get to know more people. Columbus discovered America in 1492, its high time you discover yourself.

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Contact the helpline number if you experience symptoms.
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