Goodness by Brands - Aaha Amrutham

Now a day’s brands just don’t want to grow their business, but they are also looking to positively affect the community. A few brands pledge to save the environment, a few would want to support education, a few are focused on health-related causes and a few would select a cause which is very close to their heart or which would impact their immediate environment. But, one thing in common is, most of the brands would want to associate with a trustworthy partner who would help them implement their strategies.

In that instance, Goodclap has come up with an initiative called Goodness by Brands. Aaha Amrutham, an emerging brand (make-to-order food delivery joint) has jumped onto this opportunity and partnered with Goodclap to do good. The brand has promised to top up the donations above Rs.500 on few campaigns. They have also pledged to donate a percentage of their revenue in the period of association. This has not only motivated the donors to go ahead and contribute but it has also expanded their social consciousness branding.

Growing your business is important, but growing by doing good underlines a brand’s value. Let us give a ‘Goodclap’ to Aaha Amrutham for the initiative they have taken and for the impact they have created.

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Experiment-Evaluate-Evolve! Repeat - I go by this funda for anything and everything I do. Mechanical Engineer by education. Drumming hobbyist. Advertising enthusiast. Talent Champion at Goodclap!

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