The Goodness Stories!

In the last 15 months, we have experienced some wonderful, heart touching moments through the various crowdfunding campaigns on Goodclap. These truly brought forth how the power of crowd can change lives.

1) Power of Talent
IndoSoul set out to raise funds to release their third album “2 Sides of Karma”. The adulation, the craze and the immense support garnered by their fans who contributed various amounts to support their dream was a treat to watch. IndoSoul has successfully crowdfunded their third album and have released it to their fans.


2) Power of Friendship:
Nataraj and Sharan were best friends since childhood. Tragedy stuck when Nataraj collapsed due to internal brain bleeding at his office. He is the sole earner of his family. His mother and sister sold their gold and yet they were short of an urgent 2 lakhs to afford his operation. Unable to see the plight of his best friend and his family, Sharan started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Nataraj. Within a week, friends, acquaintances, colleagues who have known Natraj or Sharan at some point contributed and shared the campaign link virally. Complete strangers who read the story chipped in to help Nataraj live.

Fast forward to now: Nataraj has been operated successfully and is on the road to recovery thanks to Sharan and every contributor.


3) Power of Community
Kerala floods is a memory that most of us would not be able to forget soon. A tragedy of such a huge scale and so sudden. Kerala needed help and needed it fast. Clothes, medical aids and basic necessities were the main requirement. This is when we could see the community come together to chip in . Individuals started crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for Kerala. Corporates started campaigns where the employees raised funds and brought in their circles to contribute help Kerala. Within a week, close to Rs. 15,00,000 was raised on Goodclap for Kerala by all these Good Samaritans.

4) Power of Passion


Uthkarsha and Susmitha are students at AISFM. They have big dreams of creating some amazing cinema for the audience. The first step is doing a short film as one of their degree projects. Given the story and the standard at which they would like to produce the movie, they needed funds. Each of them has started a crowdfunding campaign detailing out their passion for cinema, their story. The campaigns are almost funded with a few days to go. We hope they raise 100% funds and give the audience a wonderful film to watch.


5) Power of Students
Last month, Hyderabad experienced an unusual drop in temperatures. It was way colder that the usual winters. People in Hyderabad were not prepared for this. The students of VJIM understood that the homeless and poor would be much less prepared. They aren’t yet earning members of the society and yet, they wanted to help. They wanted to buy as many blankets as they can for the homeless and distribute it. They put forth their urge to do something to help the homeless in the city and started a crowdfunding campaign. The entire VJIM community chipped in and shared the campaign across . The campaign was fully funded and has been used to buy and distribute blankets. Kudos to the students of VJIM for their social awareness and the mindset to act as change makers and spread goodness!

6) Power of Corporates
Corporates are like mini communities. Employees work together for 8 or more hours and more often than not form a community that is working towards a common goal. Extending this spirit outward, employees and management of two organisations - Rexnord and ISB raised funds to help Kerala in its time of need. Employees of Rexnord got together in groups and shared the links to their kith and kin asking them to contribute to help. The managements of Rexnord and ISB topped up the amount raised with equal amount. This is the corporate’s employee engagement at its best – To do good and help people in need!

Few more stories for your reading:

Sagar’s Story:

Sagar is a happy go lucky guy who did his engineering and worked for a company Examity. With a younger brother and parents his was a small and happy family. Tragedy stuck when he met with an accident and had multiple fractures in his body and got hospitalized. His head injury was so bad that he slipped into mental trauma. He had to be rushed to Yashoda Hospital and the daily expenses used to be from 80,000 to 1 lakh, being a middle class family they shelled out all their savings on his treatment and ran out of money. It became difficult for them to bear the hospitalization and treatment cost. His uncle Srikanth resorted for crowdfunding. Sagar’s friends and colleagues shared the link virally and within in few days they were able to raise funds. Strangers who are not at all related to any person of that family have stepped in to help Sagar.

Condition as of now: Sagar is now recovering at Brinnova Rehabilitation Centre in Banjara Hills. He is now able to move to the sides and gesture to the people around. He is unable to talk yet, but he is trying his best.

Campaign Link:

Sravanthi’s Story:

Sravanthi is a girl who wished to provide a better tomorrow to her family, but her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. Sravanthi has a hereditary blood disorder named Fanconi Anemia where her blood doesn’t have enough blood cells to help her function normally. She was treated with stem cell transplantation in October 2018 which costed the family Rs.34,00,000. Post the procedure she had several complications like edema in lungs, urinary tract infection and also blood infection.To deal with these complications the estimated cost was around Rs. 15,00,000. Their family found it very difficult to fund the treatment further, so they resorted for Crowdfunding. Her father’s friends and acquaintances have shared the link rapidly and made it viral which resulted in flow of funds and she could get the required treatment.

Condition as of now: Sravanthi got discharged from the hospital. But she needs to visit the hospital as an out-patient for 90 more days. The platelets count is gradually becoming normal now.

Campaign Link:

Prematurely Delivered Baby’s Story:

Ravi Kumar is a happy married man. He and his wife are a happy couple, and were expecting their first child. However, due to some complications his wife delivered the baby in the 7th month in a premature state. Due to this, their baby was born with an extremely low weight of just 1.2 kilograms. The baby was extremely fragile and needed utmost care and protection for at least 8 weeks in the NICU for further management. The cost estimation was 15 lakhs. Ravi works as a supervisor in a fabrication industry and his wife is a home maker. It was extremely difficult for him to arrange this huge amount. So he decided to go with crowdfunding for the baby’s cause. Ravi’s friends and colleagues shared the link in all possible channels with maximum effort, which started giving results within in a few days as the funds started to flow in. The impact created by spreading of word and the link helped Ravi Kumar’s baby. Incidents like these prove that Humanity is still intact.

Condition as of now: The baby has recovered rather quickly and now weighs 4 kilograms. The parents said they can’t thank the contributors enough as it’s only because of them that their baby survived.

Campaign link:

Siddharth’s Story:

Siddharth is one amazing athlete. He got an opportunity to represent India at the 9th KWF World Karate Championship to be hosted at Tokyo, Japan in the month of November 2019. However, he required Rs. 2,50,000 to attend the championship. He was able to source Rs. 1,50,000 but he was falling short of Rs. 1,02,000 which he needed to pay in the month of April as part of his registration fee and accommodation. He had resorted to crowdfunding as all other means of funding had dried up. He could partly raise the funds for the purpose and resumed his preparations for the event. As of now Siddharth thanks the supporters who helped him in the crowdfunding campaign. He is a very motivated person by himself and the support from contributors boosted his confidence even more. He has been making time to practice every day to be well prepared to face and beat the world champions in Tokyo.

Campaign link:

Neeraj’s Story:

Neeraj is a true fighter. He excelled in his academics fighting cancer simultaneously on the other side. He and his brother are great with their academics which made their parents happy. Fate played the role of baddy in his life, it greeted him in the form of Cancer relapse and the warrior in Neeraj is again fighting to survivre. The family lacks finances for the operating expenses which are estimated to be 20 lakhs. His father being a daily wage earner cannot afford this. So, Neeraj’s cousin Vasanthi started a crowdfunding campaign and shared it among her friends and they shared it further. The link was made viral and funds flowed in rapidly. At the same point Neeraj’s friends put up banners with the campaign link and did a placard march in Vizag depicting their friend’s condition. This march caught the eye of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s convoy. Their portrayal grabbed CM’s interest, he came and asked about the cause and immediately released 20 lakhs for Neeraj’s treatment. Crowdfunding is not just about money, but it can also help spread awareness.

Campaign Link:

Krishive’s Story:

Naresh is an ETV employee, happily married and blessed with a son - Krishive. Theirs is a small happy family. One day when Krishive was playing with his friends he accidentally stepped on the boiling water utensil which is just kept to a side after boiling. The water fell on him and burnt almost 50% of his body with 2nd degree burns. The parents were distressed to see their son wailing in pain. Krishive was admitted in the hospital and this being a critical case the estimation amount for the treatment was given to be is Rs.19,05,000. They sold the gold and took petty loans to cover for it but that amount was not enough. Naresh started a crowdfunding campaign which has been shared over and over by everybody to their friends and acquaintances. The fund flow was very quick and the link reached few celebrities who referred it to the IT minister of the Telangana state, who on noticing it sanctioned Rs. 2,00,00 for Krishive’s treatment from CM’s relief fund.

Campaign Link:

With all these heart touching and magical moments, Goodclap is confident to help many more and we hope to see more of these emotions and many more moments of goodness shining throughout the world.

You can be a part of the goodness community too!! If you have a cause close to your heart and are looking for a trusted channel to get it funded, drop in the details here and our team will get in touch with you!

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