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An Unexpected Beginning

“A change of gears powers a vehicle heavier than the burden taken forth by it.” Venturing into something which one never planned for, and excelling in the field is commendable, Subodh Thakar takes a special place in the hearts of video loggers for his guitar, flute and vocal covers, along with a few sketches and beatboxing too! Every soul on earth is born to embrace the beauty of art, but every child doesn’t grow into an artist. Pursuing music was never a planned effort for Subodh. His teachers heard him singing in a school competition, when he was in 10th standard and they sensed Subodh’s inclination towards anything that’s related to reel and rhythm. They put him in the front row, and encouraged him to better his skill, isn’t that precarious for a start? But for Subodh, it turned out to be a leading ledge in the days to come, the fervour of music has gripped him and he found his mojo for satisfaction, peace and happiness. Music has vested in him the power of expression and that's what keeps him going through the highs and lows of life.

His Expression & Motivation

Subodh likes to keep things simple and low key when it comes to establishing and developing an audacious connect with the audience. In his words, he says that, “I make sure it has the-me-element to give it a unique and organic feel. I like to keep it raw and real with some touch of out-of-the-box thinking.”

For an artist, especially the one who’s juggling between passion and providence, being continuously motivated is a must and Subodh takes this challenge head-on! He feels that nothing is impossible when dealt with strong willpower and with a pinch of wittiness, one can reach unexplored terrains. The poise and grace carried by all the talented artists on YouTube and elsewhere keeps Subodh motivated; their positive vibes amuse him and makes him muse over it, if someone’s doing a great job already, then it raises his rationalism of “Why can’t he?”!

“Music is an emotion and that is the reason we can always find a song to listen, no matter what situation we are in. With the help of such a powerful emotion, like a flute rendition, we can connect with so many souls all around the globe and lead to a better world”, this is what he had to express, when asked about the influence a note or a tune has on a human mind. He believes
that a brush with good music can alter our perceptions and help us find peace in any situation.

The Multifaceted Subodh & His Views

Every moment he spends with his art is a moment to cherish for Subodh, he feels ecstatic when people watch and embrace the things he does, like singing, mimicry, stand-up comedy, beatboxing etc. Making others laugh and emphatic in their own way, even for a moment, gives him that kick to perform.

Subodh is based out of Mumbai, he observes that financials play a crucial role for the sustenance of arts, and monetary rewards will serve as an encouragement to fuel his zeal of making awesome and high quality music videos.

When asked about his favourite forms of appreciation, he said, “I like when people give me real feedback and that can be in various forms like smiles, claps, whistles or standing ovations. I feel fortunate enough that I've seen all these forms and I hope that I'll keep on getting the same in future as well”, saying this, the alumnus of Soundcraft Academy, Hyderabad signs off.

With a quirky humour and a mind full of creativity, Subodh is entitled to enthral his audience for a very long time; Goodclap wishes this humble and candour musician, a very successful and fun filled journey ahead, inspiring many more to reroute the tryst of destiny!

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Bhargava Sai Kiran

Bhargava Sai Kiran

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