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Music can connect people…Music has the power to stop wars” feels Avanie!

Like a beacon, a star is born every night to brighten the sky with its light! One such star in the making is Avanie Joshi, who is making several strides in the world of entertainment with her never-ending love for music and everything related to it.
Avanie was born in Delhi, into a family that patronised music for ages. Her grandmother and dad being classically trained singers encouraged her to take up music as a career. Ever since she was a kid, she had this indelible craving for classical music and she used to practice ragas for at least 5 days a week alongside her dad! An instrument brings the sound of melody over melancholy maybe that persuaded Avanie to learn guitar and she started taking classes to gain expertise!

Avanie makes initiation look easy – Just take a flight and you are where you wanted to be!

After finishing her high school, she knew that she wanted to be in the field of entertainment. She took off and boarded a flight to the industry capital, Mumbai, the dreamland for thousands of artists in our country. She kick-started her career by acting in few TV shows, but her soul found solace in singing, she began to feel the void that has been created without music, that's when she initiated singing covers and people started connecting to her voice.

She is unique in her own way!

Being versatile with one’s choices and experimenting with different genres is what Avanie pursues as a quality an artist needs to inculcate. In the age of digitalization and effects, giving a presentable touch to one’s productions and that too in fixed budgets, is a commendable thing, which Avanie carries out with ease. She likes to give her songs and videos more of a professional feel, spreading the vibes of subtleness, so as to connect to her audience purely by music.

Avanie’s motivation capsule

Avanie’s best motivation to excel in her passion is her parents, who have always backed her and supported her with all their heart and love. Her followers have a good share of her heart too, making her feel positive everyday and every moment, helping her to plan her next song or go with few selects on the trot! In fact, she received her best kick in life when she randomly uploaded a song on the internet and got a very good response for her work. People started appreciating her, suggesting her to keep doing it on a regular basis, since then she never looked back again.

“Getting a fan message is always the best feeling for an artist and it was so heart touching for her when some even applauded her saying that they found her version better than the original, the feel and look of it, was soothing to both eyes and ears."

She has reveling thoughts on how music could make the world, a better place to live in-

“Music can connect people, if you know how to portray your feelings through words and when a rhythm is attached to it, I think music has the power to stop wars! Music brings a congregation together or even communities and countries too, countrymen/citizens get the feeling of unity, patriotism and love for their nation when national anthems are sung; it is a perfect example to say that music can bring a drastic change in minds and through emotions.”

On a lighter note, when asked about the forms of appreciation she liked, she said that both claps and whistles lift her spirits high up; she has more fun when it becomes noisier!
She feels that finances help her better the quality of her works, moreover professional look can be given to her songs and videos, and that it would be a great help to garner her daily as well as monthly expenses making life effortless and stress free, allowing to devote herself solely towards her passion, without falling into other avocations.
Goodclap wishes the charming and bubbly singer Avanie Joshi, all the very best in creating tracks and records that keep invigorating music lovers, impelling them to want more and more of her ardour. A Goodclap for Avanie!

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