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Its All In The Mind, Just Unlock Its Competence!

Whatever happens to anybody, be it good or bad as per popular belief, by the virtue of fate or destiny shouldn’t get to one’s mind and cloud the conscious, that is when one can concentrate on the work at their disposal via dispensing their innate potential. This rings ever true with everyone across the world. Yet, there are very few people who realise this fact and realise their potential that is waiting to be unleashed.Giving that potential a direction to flow is what anyone needs to do. In Parag’s story, this potential to create and perform flows through his fingers onto the keyboard to create tunes that are literally music to our ears.

Music in His Genes

Parag had the inclination towards music right from his childhood, he considers it to be hereditary as his grandfather was a renowned sitarist and his mom a singer. As a child, he was always occupied by listening to songs and rhythmically recreating the beats on any surface. This habit is possessed by many a person, but the distinction in Parag was he was in sync with the sound, could unknowingly maintain tempo and improvise too, music came to him naturally. He started pursuing music seriously from then on and when he was 12 years old he was attracted to Keyboard, the magic it can create and the possibility to recreate any tune on it hooked him to the instrument.

During the formative years of his learning he was very quick to grasp and play all the songs he was taught, but the closure of that music school applied brakes to his streak. He found his new teacher in Shri. Bharat Gandhi, after some arduous search. Under his guidance, Parag realized that all this while he was being taught the wrong way in his previous school, he was just taught to recreate a tune blindly without knowing the intricacies and theory of the sound. Mr. Gandhi taught Parag all the basics of music and helped him incorporate it while playing the keyboard, the octaves, the pitches, syncopations and all that jazz. Under Mr. Gandhi’s schooling Parag became a more matured and fundamentally robust musician.

On Stage - Every Time is First Time

Though Parag has been playing and performing for many years he says “I still get nervous when I face the audience, but when the audience start loving the music, I am pumped up and get motivated to give the best. It is important to experiment to stand out of the crowded music scene today. Sometimes the experiments may fall flat and sometimes the output will be outstanding, but whatever it is, you should be at it, this practice helps you grow as a musician and as a person. You just have to be involved in music from your HEART to evolve.”

Music and Its Influence

Parag considers art to be the most powerful agent to unite the entire world. Particularly music can cut across castes, communities, countries, bring together and alleviate the society from the harshest of times, he cites The Concert for Bangladesh(1971), Live Aid (1985), Live 8 (2005), A Billion Hands Concert (2008) as examples of music’s power and effect on the world. While art can change the world for good, it also fosters discipline and hard-working nature in individuals practicing that art. It can make an erudite person of anybody.

A Heart Filled With Joy

He has many moments to share about his happiest encounters, first being the win at his debut inter-college solo instrumental competition; when his school principal said, “This boy has never ever troubled us in any way even in this situation”, in a felicitation ceremony; when he received his first scholarship fee; and when he played in front of 300 people for Navratri celebrations. He says that these experiences and enthusiasm pushes him forward to better himself day in and day out.

When asked, what were his favourite forms of appreciation he said, “I think an artist loves any appreciation, claps will give you joy and satisfaction but whistles will definitely re-energize you and you know you’ve done it. So yes, definitely I like whistles the most!”

Challenges? They Are Quotidian!

Facing ‘challenges’ was Parag’s forte by birth; he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at birth. But his parents were thoughtful enough to give him a very normal childhood like any other kid and never let the feeling or sense of pity of acquaintances and friends to trickle down to Parag. We can say, they were his unapparent emotional cushion who helped him thread life in a balanced manner. So, when asked what keeps him motivated every day he said that music itself has been a motivation for him, since his childhood music has been his constant go-to, he was an average student and invested most of his time in music. Although he is up for music at any time of the day, he should concentrate on his professional life too. His company lets him work from home, given his limited mobility. Post work and on holidays he is on the keyboard practicing, composing and making videos of his skill show. His renditions of popular songs and his originals have so much soul and depth in them. His goodness and pleasantness reflects in his music too.

Parag says that the rewards via Goodclap will be a token of encouragement to work even harder and satisfy his audience with better compositions and covers.
Goodclap wishes this magician on keyboard very prosperous days ahead and urges him to come up with greater compositions that will mesmerize and make the audience sway in ecstasy.

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Bhargava Sai Kiran

Bhargava Sai Kiran

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