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Good wishes come true when you have it in your name!

“Time and tide waits for none, especially for artists who want to imprint themselves on the world arena, with their tide of proficiency!” One such artist who dreamt of being an idol to many aspiring singers in our country, and succeeded in winning Lions Idol 2013, is Subhechha Mohanty, a girl from Cuttack, Odisha with biggest of dreams!

Its In The Blood

They say arts are hereditary sometimes and the melody of a remedy in any art flows through and gets carried forward in the bloodline! Subhechha was born into a family with such bloodline; music has been there in her family even before she set foot on earth! Subhechha’s mother is an avid singer and her father is an amazing guitarist, she feels blessed to be a part of such music patronizing family! She embraced the journey of music at a tender age of five, when Subhechha’s mother helped her to participate in various competitions, where she performed quite well and went on to win a few! That’s when a lightning thought struck her mother; she put Subhechha in for classical training, so as to hone her technical aspects of singing in a proper manner! But then came the break in her graph, she had to quit singing due to academic pressures! After she started pursuing her bachelor’s degree in engineering, then came the resurrection time, she started performing in college fests! She garnered appreciation from friends and her singing turned even foes into her friends.

Making Time For Passion

Due to a rigorous schedules and assignments at college, Subhechha wanted to find a way to reach out to her audience, even if she couldn’t perform in live shows and events, that’s how she stumbled upon YouTube and she feels it’s an amazing platform for people like her, who can’t augment their talent due to lack of time and resources! The idea of being a part of the huge YouTube community fascinated her and her exceptional talent in singing gained her a huge loving subscriber base. She is very pumped up of the fact that her views are nearing 2 million and she is ever grateful to the love she is garnering as a performer from her audience.

The Key Motivators

When asked about her motivating factors, this is what she had to say:

“Well, I don't idolize a single person; I get inspired by watching people perform in many different ways and learning something new from the tons of videos that are posted on YouTube every single day! My biggest motivators are my followers, whenever I find time I just go through the messages and comments dropped in by my listeners, and they always help me remember why I started YouTubing in the first place. The support and unconditional love has always been extremely motivational for me to work even harder!”

According to Subhechha, music is something that swipes all the pain away and drifts you to a more beautiful world; she strongly believes that, "The only thing better than singing is more singing!" She got her first kick when she heard the announcement that she was one among the winners of Lions Idol 2013, it was one of those moments that she says, she will be cherish all her life!

Put Your Hands Up For This Lady!

When asked about how appreciations indent an artist’s spirit, these are her views, “Definitely appreciation is the best reward for any artist indeed, when I get up on the stage I still feel a little nervous even though I have done a lot number of shows, then I hear them shouting my name, whistling and cheering me up and that is when it feels like home! It is the best feeling on earth when I get standing ovations after a performance!”

Subhechha reiterates that the rewards she receives on Goodclap will help her give back even more entertaining and soothing videos to her beloved supporters and audience. Goodclap wishes the talented and dedicated singer in Subhechha all the very best in her future pursuits and we wish she finds success in her journey through art!

Follow and support her here: https://goodclap.com/p/YTkmA23up94bkJLhj

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Bhargava Sai Kiran

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