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BRIJ – A dope music bridge that knows no bounds!

What do you expect of a student who just cannot construct two sentences in English in a school known for its English literature inclinations? Of a person, so low on confidence that he confines himself to a corner in the class? Anybody would write him off saying he is good for nothing, wouldn't they? But tables turn when somebody with an innate fire to achieve spur the spark of music as their cushion and a place to find solace. This is exactly what happened with BRIJ, he turned to Hip-Hop and Rap music to fight his demons of intimidation, and, voila, it changed his course of life and perception towards it. He slowly started writing his own rap to express himself.

Push Until You Break Barriers

When asked, what was Rap to him and how he became a renowned rapper that he is now, he said “It was not just sound but more than that, I felt it was a drug that stimulated me when I was low. I started writing rhymes but used to struggle with beats. Never had that much money to buy dope beats so I learned FL Studio and now I am in talks with greatest artists of all time to produce them - like Shawn MIMS and Cashville D-Tay. Now I am a producer/Rapper too.”

He elaborates his uniqueness saying that his music and rap creates a very deep impact in the hearts and minds of his fans. He asserts that his music is not just noise but a way of life and it creates a loyal following which is small but has a very personal connect to him. Immense pride fills up his heart when his music inspires his fans who are always supportive of him.

Fighter at Heart

BRIJ says that every day is a fight and whenever he fails to reach his set goals, he goes back, works even harder and comes out with the dopest of music, sometimes surprising himself as well. They are his short comebacks, whenever he feels that he lacks the spirit to reach his ambition. Reconciliations with self-doubt is a regular cycle for any artist’s betterment is what he feels.

On how his rap and music will help the world as a whole, he had this to say: “I am against youth doing drugs and turning towards violence, I try to promote this cause through my music, also I try to deliver a message of how you can appreciate what you have rather than bragging about what you don’t.”

Recognition and Outreach

It was the first high for BRIJ when VH1’s Shawn MIMS contacted him on Facebook after listening to one of his compositions. MIMS asked BRIJ to help him out with some of his own compositions and they built a very friendly rapport thereafter. This has opened gates for BRIJ for international collaborations, he has continuous accolades flowing in from across the world now, his social media handles are a reflection to his popularity.

On a parting note BRIJ says that all his fans and followers are like a family that he holds very close to his heart and always thinks of them while composing or rapping. Spreading peace and brotherhood through rap is BRIJs’ ultimate-goal.

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Bhargava Sai Kiran

Bhargava Sai Kiran

Experiment-Evaluate-Evolve! Repeat - I go by this funda for anything and everything I do. Mechanical Engineer by education. Drumming hobbyist. Advertising enthusiast. Talent Champion at Goodclap!

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