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What is it with Goodclap?

A Good mission (we certainly believe so!)

At Goodclap, we wish to see every talented soul on this planet pursuing his passion in a sustainable way’. Be it a dancer, a musician, a magician, a comedian or anyone with a special talent for that matter, we want them to continue doing what they like, we want them to create more awesome stuff, entertain, spread the joy and do more with their passions.


Towards this, we are passionately working to create this eco-system, Goodclap, where talent lovers like YOU can shower heartfelt appreciations, give monetary support and do much more to help sustain passions of these talented folks and create a he’art’ful planet!

A Good beginning!

Yes! We are already making it happen! Last few months went into identifying talents, pitching the idea to the art lovers, creating a website.


What makes us happier is, even before the launch, we had close to 100 artists who enrolled with us and around 15,000 people curious to check what we are upto. Our articles and the posts on our Facebook page have caught more than 70,000 eyeballs through some engaging content.

Not bad. Right? For us, more importantly it just instils the belief that more and more people are embracing the idea of Goodclap!

YOUR Good heart can make a bigger difference on Goodclap!

This humble attempt of ours, coupled with a good heart of yours can surely start making a difference!

May be we are creating a happier world. May be we are helping more people live their dreams. May be we are just showing our gratitude!

But, whatever it is, surely it is a nice feeling to spread some goodness around and to be a part of it!

Come, let’s co-build Goodclap!

Become a Goodclapper!